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i think ?? i just got ?? booty called ?? but idk ?? because no one has ever asked me before ??


You never told him how you stood in line for an hour just to get your book signed? How his novels got you through your mother’s death?
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sometimes I forget who I’ve given my Netflix account info out to/how many people and I’ll go on after not having been on in a while and I’m  like “what is this no I didn’t watch this what is happening…ohhhh right”

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the new guy at panda express gave me such small portions of everything :( :( :(

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'Besides, it doesn't matter if it's real. It never does with dreams. They aren't anything anyway but lifesavers to cling to so you don't drown. Life is an ocean, and most everyone's hanging on to some kind of dream to keep afloat.” The spectaurlar Now.

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