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4x01 // 7x01 - Remember,

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Well written fanfics about your otp:


Your otp doing cute fluffy things:


Your otp having rough sex:


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Lizzy Caplan - Bust Magazine - October 2014
Photographed by Amanda Marsalis

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my favorite pizza place around campus just handed out student discount cards and i get 1/2 off any pizza i want any size i want once a week this is happiest day

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Title: I Love You
Artist: Woodkid (feat. Angel Haze)
Played: 1118 times

You were a maze to never be completed 

And I fell through cracks in all your little secrets

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@Stana Katic: "Kbex fighting 4 her luv. You guys rock! Thanks 4 joining us 4another season & kudos 2the cast for bringing it

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